Passionate for Pets

Here at Dean’s Natural Food Market, we strongly believe in giving back to the community. There are many non-profits we love and support, one of our favorites being the wonderful Monmouth County SPCA.

The MCSPCA are not government-funded, they’re a non-profit, relying solely on donations. The aren’t affiliated with the ASPCA, Associated Humane Societies or any other organization. They do what they do all by themselves. They are selfless volunteers who care for literally hundreds and hundreds of animals who need homes, they take care of the newborns, they take care of the hurt or abused. The dedication and love is pretty amazing, it’s inspiring.

We’re throwing them a little party this Saturday and hope you can come, it should be a fun day!

In honor of our Organic Cherry Deal this week ($5.99 per lb., for organic!), our Chef Extraordinaire Brian P (our nickname for him is “Beezy”) really wanted to make something different with cherries. When he sent me the recipe I was like “Huh? Cherries in PASTA SALAD?” Yep. Cherry Basil Orzo Salad. It’s DELISH. The tartness of the cherries, the sweet spice of basil, all set off by the salty feta cheese…it’s sublime. You can find the recipe right here.



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