and the winners are…

We’d like to wish a big CONGRATULATIONS to customers Nan D. and Ani P. for each winning a $100 gift card in our Midsummer Weekend Sale Raffle! Thank you to everyone who came in, we’ll definitely be doing another sale like this soon.

We are always open and definitely welcome any feedback you have – what would you like to see more of, what would you love to see on sale, what are your favorite products or some you’d like to see us bring in? Let us know.

Ooohhh, speaking of new products, we’ve got something new and amazing coming in next week. About a month ago, I spoke with a very nice lady named Addie about the Better Together Baking Company.  She sent us some samples of their organic, Fair Trade brownies and let me tell you – in all my years I have never seen samples of ANY food fly out of here so fast. It was like the word got out on the street. A coworker tried one, raved about it and pretty soon half of our staff was back here asking for a taste. One person came back to thank me for giving him the “best brownie he’s ever had in his entire life.”

Well, decide for yourselves next Friday in our Ocean store – BT Baking will be here sampling out their scrumptious morsels from 11:30-3:30 🙂



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