Juicing Couture

What a week to go back to school, huh? It’s been raining for days and we bet all you students probably want to do is stay under the covers (can’t say we blame ya!). Well, we have a little thing going on for students only to brighten up the day a little. From now until the end of September, get $1 off any 16- or 24-oz. organic juice or smoothie at our famous Juice Bar when you flash your valid student ID at the register. Maybe a sweet Berried Up to Here with mixed berries and apple juice or a zesty Lemon-Made with Lemons and a splash of fresh ginger, perhaps? Juices are cool.

We have customers coming in every single day for their juices and smoothies, regulars who our Juice Bar-istas know by name and their drinks. Many people swear by juicing for a variety of reasons, one big one being that by extracting all the juices, you are drinking a straight, concentrated cocktail of all the vitamins & minerals found in the fruit and veggies, making it that much easier for your body to absorb them. You’re literally drinking an apple, carrots, fresh greens or even superfruits all at once in a glass!

Parting note – wherever you do go for your juices and smoothies, always try to choose organic.


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