Please Don’t Pass the Nuts™

Goodness gracious there’s a lot going on! Here’s some of the big news we couldn’t wait to share – we are *so* excited to be hosting a very special guest on October 30th: (drum roll please! druuuummmmmm…)

LECTURE & BOOK SIGNING WITH SLOANE MILLER, Author of Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies

We first heard of Sloane after discovering her award-winning – and really funny – blog, Please Don’t Pass the Nuts. Allergic to milk, tree nuts and salmon (plus intolerant to a few other foods and some environmental allergies to boot), Sloane realized one day that although there were sites about food allergies, there were none with practical life advice such as which restaurants are allergy-friendly, how to deal with allergies in social contexts with friends and romantic relationships, what to do when traveling, etc. So, she started her own blog to talk about her experiences and how she has learned to not let any of her allergies stop her from living her life to the fullest.

A few years later, her book Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies was published. “I wanted to share my experience and connect with other people with food allergies, as well as talk about what I was going through when dining out, traveling, and dating,” Sloane said. “Living with food allergies can be challenging – even scary. It can and should also be joyful. Reliable, clear information and support make the difference.” (via CDMRP)

I think all of us know someone who has food allergies (shrimp, uuuggghh), dealing with them each and every day is a way of life – let Allergic Girl Sloane Miller give you some real-life everyday tips on how to make the best out of every situation.

Check out the book trailer:

We welcome Sloane and know you’ll all love Allergic Girl!

[edited to add] Completely off-topic, but important: TURKEY FYI: Due to a turkey shortage, the deadline to pre-order your Thanksgiving Organic Turkey is OCTOBER 3rd. After that, we will have a limited supply of turkeys, pre-ordering by October 3rd will guarantee you get one. Please see Customer Service to place your order.


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