Fish-tomato, Tomato-fish?

Here’s a crazy story.

Way back when, there were these scientists who worked for a big biotech company. They had a challenge: these darned tomatoes, they just don’t survive a frost. Yes, they knew that tomato plants dying off in the winter was Mother Nature’s plan for them but they were all “Hey! We’re smarter than Mother Nature!” and they set off to “fix” this “problem.”

“How can we make these tomatoes last through the cold…hmmm…”

“Hey, here’s an idea. My wife made Arctic Flounder last night, really good, you know, with the lemon and caper sauce? Anyhoo, they live in subzero temperatures – whaddya say we inject the genes of this fish into the tomatoes to see if the DNA merges and the tomato becomes super-mato, able to live through a snowstorm???

“Let’s do it!”

Not even kidding. This is GMO.

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are plants, animals, etc., that have been created by injecting DNA from one species into another species in a lab, creating combinations meant to be pest and herbicide-resistant, but possibly with terrible health risks to consumers. GMO foods have not been proven to be safe for us to eat and in fact, may be linked to many health issues such as food allergies, infertility, autism, digestive problems and many others. Additionally, the altered foreign genes can become part of OUR genes just by us eating them. All in all – it’s a bad, bad scene.

Thankfully, the fish-tomato tomato-fish never made it to our plates (whew!) but plenty of other Frankenstein food experiments have. Things like corn, think about how much corn you eat in various forms: tortilla chips, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, baked good. Or sugar beets, used for their sugars and not required to say so on a list of ingredients containing the word “sugar.” It’s scary. Europe banned all of the GMO crops long ago already, they weren’t even going to take a chance.

Today is Non-GMO Day, which has grown into Non-GMO Month. Be aware. Buy organic. And make your voice heard, send a message to the FDA to at least label GMO foods so we can make a choice whether or not we want to eat them. Most of all, support the companies making strides to keep us healthy by only dealing with non-GMO ingredients.

Linkles: My favorite FrankenTomatoFish story, “Spider genes were inserted into goat DNA, in hopes that the goat milk would contain spider web protein for use in bulletproof vests.” 

“How to avoid Genetically Modified Food”  Good tips.



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