Halloween Weekend & Other Things

Big weekend coming up – Halloween on deck! We’ve got a Halloween costume contest going on between the employees of both stores on Monday, should be pretty fun, I’ll post pictures next week. What are you going to be for Halloween?

But before that, this Sunday is Super Sunday! Once a month we bring you a great day of sales, sampling and demos and this time we’re dedicating it to allergy-friendly foods in honor of our special guest speaker Sloane Miller. Enjoy samples from great companies such as Mary’s Gone Crackers, Enjoy Life Foods, Glutino and many more. Our friends from Heart Juice will be there too, sampling out their delicious heart-healthy antioxidant-packed berry drinks. Keep a lookout on Friday when we post what the sales will be, there are some good ones!

Watch for big changes in the coming weeks, including a new and improved JUICE BAR MENU. We’ve been taste-testing new drinks in the stores, listening to your feedback and pretty soon, we’ll have an outstanding updated menu for you with offerings like…well, I can’t tell you yet 🙂  You’ll just have to come in and try for yourself. And don’t worry, all your tried ‘n’ true old favorites aren’t going anywhere, promise!

Look at these new organic StarKrimson Pears we just got it, the color is as amazing as the taste. Very floral and fruity.

We’ve got some other new produce items to share with you too, like this crazy red leaf baby bok choy and red, RED leaf lettuce:


Both of those plus many others are from organic farms in Lancaster, PA. More about that tomorrow 🙂


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