Neat New Stuff

Here at Dean’s, we’re always bringing in new products – some you may have asked for, others you may have raved about “Oh, you have just GOT to try this new _____!” and some our buyers discover and wonder “You know, this is pretty special and I think our customers are really going to love this.” But how do you ever know what these new items are, where they are and what makes them special?

Introducing: The New Product SpotlightNew Product Spotlight

Look for this logo around the stores for the newest products we can’t wait to tell you about. Like Toy Cow Creamery.

Toy Cow Creamery is a small family farm run by Levi and Samual Stolfus, tucked away in the countryside of Williamsport, PA. Their line of super-creamy yogurts & yogurt smoothies are made with milk from a small, well cared-for herd of grass-fed, pasture-roaming Jersey cows, which are hormone- and antibiotic-free. The result is an incredibly rich and fresh taste you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Then there’s the Hope Springs Farms Organic Cheeses. Also local from PA, these organic cheeses are made with raw milk from grass-fed, pasture-roaming cows raised without growth hormones and antibiotic. The natural diet and lifestyle the dairy cows lead allows for nutrient-dense – and highly flavorful – cheeses, a perfect and different addition to a cheese platter or for snacking.

But wait, there is CHOCOLATE too! We have just brought in award-winning Coco Polo Chocolate, a company who are also local, right out of New Brunswick, NJ. Company founders Diane Yamate and John Cunnell started their company in are dedicated to making high cocoa chocolates without processed sugars. Sweetened with stevia, their dark cocoa bars are sugar-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and non-GMO − and are also low carb and diabetic-friendly. Did we also mention they’re delicious?

Be on the lookout for the New Product Spotlight logo around the stores for these and other great new products we’ve brought in as well as right here where we’ll be writing about what makes them so special.

See you in the aisles!


2 responses to “Neat New Stuff

  1. Does anyone make a good prepared organic Turkey gravy? My son-in law pours water in the turkey pan when he cooks it which dilutes the gravy. When I try to help out, I am working with lots of water and don’t know how to save it. Do you have any suggestions or do you folks have a good ORGANIC turkey gravy I can purchase to save the day. I know there is the standard jar gravies very light in color and texture that are all over the Super markets. When I cooked my turkey at home, my gravy was always dark and rich and I’d like to obtain that once again at someone else’s home when I am helping out.

  2. Hi Janice! There are good organic gravies out there, our favorite here is Imagine Foods Roasted Turkey Gravy ( and Savory Beef Gravy ( We also carry Hain Gravies, which are powdered so you can control the thickness a little more. Of course, we’ve got a variety of organic stocks and flours you can use to make your own. Hope this helps!

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