New in our Fresh Foods Department

We’ve got a few things starting up over in Fresh Foods we thought you’d like to hear about. Like…

Starting today, every Wednesday is HOT PIZZA DAY.

From 11-2 in both stores, we’ll be serving up slices, hot and fresh. The wait time is around 7-10 minutes or you can call ahead: Ocean 732-517-1515, Shrewsbury 732-842-8686. Choose from Vegan Plain, Vegan Deluxe (loaded with veggies)  or Mozzarella & Turkey Sausage (of course, the vegan and meat pizzas are baked in separate places.) We’re working on a gluten-free version, hopefully to come out in the next few weeks, we’ll keep you posted.

We also wanted to tell you about this:

We’re now offering smaller (half-sized) portions of some of your favorite sammies – and now there’ll be room for soup, too. Add a hot soup for 50 cents off for a perfect little combo lunch.

We want your feedback! Comment here and let us know what your favorite things are in our Fresh Foods department, including our new Juice Bar drinks – what you like, don’t like, suggestions – you never know, your suggestion may end up on the menu!

See you soon!

-cristina @ dean’s natural food market


3 responses to “New in our Fresh Foods Department

  1. Contest #1,3,4,2

    All are great, I like the text on bag #1 best, darker gets dirty less, Dean’s still clearly visible. Great idea, people love contests.


  2. 3, 1, 2, 4

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