Supercharge, vroom vroom!

NO, not like that. More like this:

Spirulina, chlorella, E3 Live*, bee pollen, these mysterious supplements will supercharge your body’s engine just like those car engines up there. How?

Find out all about them at Supercharge with Superfoods with Maryjane Mercovich on Saturday, Jan. 28 (12 in Ocean, 2 in Shrewsbury.) Maryjane describes these superfoods as “highly nutritious and highly concentrated, a lot of bang for your buck. She explains:

“Certain foods have super-concentrated nutrition that when taken, give you a long-lasting, natural burst of energy. Unlike substances like caffeine, which take you up and then let you crash, these superfoods let you down evenly throughout your day – no crashing.”

Maryjane will also be talking a little about something called ORAC foods – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity foods. In a nutshell, there are ORAC values and the higher the value #of the food is, the more antioxidants it has to fight free radicals. MJ will give you the scoop on what foods are high up there on the ORAC chart – you’ll be surprised when you find out!

The seminar is free, we just ask for you to please register so we have a head count. Register by stopping in or calling the store of your choice: Ocean, Sat. 28 at 12 pm, 732-517-1515 OR Shrewsbury, Sat. 28 at 2 pm, 732-842-8686.

*Check out our very own Juice Bar Jim from the Ocean store on E3 Live’s video page. (His is the one with the caption “E3Live BrainOn Supreme – Jim drinks a whole 8oz bottle of it mixed with young coconut water”


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