Votes for Totes

We promised a contest, here we go! It’s simple…

We ran out of reusable tote bags a while ago. We need to order new ones. And we need YOU to decide which one will be the lucky design to be printed.

The following are 4 different designs I’ve come up with for our new bags. Vote on your favorites in the Comments section of this post, in the order of the one you love the most at the top. So if you like #3 the best, 2 and then 4, you’d enter in our Comments “3, 2, 4.”

We’ll randomly choose 10 of the people who voted for the winning design and when the bag gets printed, the winners will all get one. The bag will be printed in a short run, limited edition, so if you don’t get one, you’ll just have to come into the store and snag a bag before they’re gone!

Time to meet our contestants…

Bag #1: Common Earth

#2: Go Green with Dean's

#3: Reduce Reuse Recycle

Green is the New Black

So there they are, tell us what you think and cast your votes! Now the rules and disclaimer:

No purchase necessary to participate. One vote per person, please. Contest voting will close end of day March 7th, 2012. Winner will receive one Dean’s Natural Food Market reusable tote bag, not redeemable for cash. Winners must pick up bag in person by April 30, 2012 or prize goes to someone else. Prize will not be mailed out. Real email address must be used when voting, this is how we will contact winner; invalid emails will be disqualified. Contest will run in-store as well, all entries will be combined and 10 names who voted for winning design will be chosen at random.

[edited to add] Remember to enter your email address when voting so we have a way of getting in touch with you if you win!


72 responses to “Votes for Totes

  1. I love bag #2! So fresh and funky. 🙂

  2. 4, 3, 1, 2

  3. 2,4,3,1. Really love bag number 2. Very hip and vibrant!

  4. 1,4,2,3 I really like #1, but 4 is also nice

  5. 4, 1, 2, 3. I like 4 the best except I would love to see the Dean’s logo a little more prominently displayed. I love you guys!!! MWAH!

  6. 2,3,1,4 I like # 2 the best

  7. Bag #1

  8. 2,1,3,4. I really dig the hippie vibe

  9. #4 is my fave, followed by #2. I like a little humor mixed in with the pc.

  10. I like style #1

  11. 1,2!!! Both are awesome!!!

  12. I go for 4,2,1,3

  13. Number 1 WINS! I may have chosen #2 if it was not kelly green

  14. 1,4,2,3 I like the shorter, wider look too.

  15. 4,1,2,3 – Awesome

  16. Gina Sarno-Natale

    # 4
    # 1
    # 2
    # 3

    Black is classic,stylish & goes with everything and bacause it’s dark, stains will be less visible.

  17. I like # 1

  18. Like # 2 because it has a nice ring and fun graphics….as far as color goes you could do a forest green with white lettering too….

  19. I like bag 1 2 4 3

  20. Remember to leave your email when commenting so we can get in touch with you if you win, everybody 🙂

    (Email is only for that purpose, you will not be signed up for any lists or anything, promise!)

  21. #2, Love the graphics & that Dean’s is so prominently displayed, but I would like to see the bag green & the lettering white since the white will show every bit of dirt…

  22. #2 & 1 🙂

  23. I truly like them all! My order of choice:

    #3 states the full message succinctly & is eye-catching
    #2 speaks to my inner teenager from the ’60s watching Laugh In! Fond memories!
    #4 is current
    #1 I like the design, but I don’t know how much of it people will be able to read when the bag is carried past them.

  24. I like bag # 1 best

  25. 1, 4, 2, 3

  26. I love #1, the message is beautiful. 4,2,3

  27. 2,1,3,4
    I use my previous Dean’s tote for everything and
    am looking forward to the newest one!!! Dean’s is
    the best!!!

  28. 1, 3, 2, 4 All of the bags are great reminders to the user and others to be kinder to our earth!

  29. 2,3,4,1 All great designs!!

  30. 4,2,3,1. Can you add lace? 😉

  31. 2,4,3,1 all totes super creative, if #4 were in black with green handles (or reverse)it would have moved to my #1 pick

  32. Number 2. And if possible can you get bags made in the USA?

  33. I like number one the best! its pretty and adorable and earthy 🙂

  34. 3, 4, 2. I’d like one if they are made in the USA.

  35. 2 has my vote : 2,1,3,4

    Nice bags and great advertisement!

  36. 1, 4, 2, 3

  37. I love bag #4!!!
    Bold & fun, it will have no hiding place in the wayback!

  38. I like 2 the best–color contrast and saying. 1 is next, then 3 and 4. Three and four are too repetitive of sayings already out there.

  39. my choices are 1,4,2,3

  40. 2, 3, 4, 1

  41. Denise Kornblatt

    #2, 1,4,3 Denise Kornblatt

  42. #2 is my favorite!!! I like the design & the rhyming slogan. It’s ‘catchy’. Then numbers 1, 3, & 4.

  43. 4 is fun2,3 1. thanks for great bags.

  44. 1,6,3,2 Like the GMO bags you had better as they are bigger holding more groceries. These appear to be too small. Sol

  45. 2,1,3

  46. Harvey Phillips

    4, 2, 3. I tend to agree with Sol. The bags pictured seem small– kinda’ like the kind I see at the supermarket. I prefer the bags that hold more stuff, like the original Dean’s bags given at the Shrewsbury opening or later the GMO Bags.

  47. #1, #2 are my choices.
    I also use and really like the original Dean’s bags from several years ago and the GMO bag.

  48. Fernanda Macias

    # 2

  49. bridget riepl

    definitely #4! it speaks to those who are health conscious and fashion conscious. definitely a keeper!! my second choice would be #2.

  50. 3. Green backround. White circles. Green lettering
    1 “without let’s take care of her”

  51. 4, 1, 2, 3…. #4 is great/clever. #1 is a good concept but looks a little busy. #2 & #3 are a little generic.

  52. Kelly Bobchin

    I vote for bag #2!!!!!!!!

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