CleanseATX Jersey-style

We are very happy to be a  part of this first-ever New Jersey CleanseATX!

Spring is so close we can almost feel it. It’s time to reset our clocks (daylight savings is this weekend!), reset our gardens and reset ourselves. How better than with a cleanse?

We’ve partnered with Abby Cahn-Anton to sponsor the very first New Jersey CleanseATX. CleanseATX is a city-wide raw foods and juice cleanse based in Austin, TX – and it’s starting to branch out around the country. For 10 days (March 20-31st), over 10,000+ people will participate in a raw foods cleanse together and now’s your chance to try it with them right here in New Jersey. Hey, why not? Reset your body for the spring, cleanse and detox with the camaraderie of others doing the same.

We want to help you along on your cleansing journey – sign up through Abby and Super Simple Super Foods and receive 10% off your Dean’s purchases thru April 10. Membership gets you through the CleanseATX door, giving you full access to daily webcasts and seminars, their e-books, special offers and a lot of support. Click for more info.


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