Chicken Soup for the Soul

Many of you, like myself, depend a lot (too much, really) on the internet to find the information we need – recipes, health info, what day the township picks up the cardboard, etc. But what happens if we can’t find it or find conflicting information out there?

Exactly that happened to me last week while searching for info on what diet/cleansing fast to put my husband on, who was going in for an important check-up procedure which we all should do. I knew he had to go a few days eating light (but what does that mean?) and the day before the procedure was to be an all-liquid fast, but what exactly do I feed this meat-and-potatoes guy to keep him not going out of his mind?

I researched and found that there’s so much out there and not enough at all. I googled everything: Some said eat cheese, some said avoid all dairy. Some said 2 days, other 4. Some said broth, but nothing red, so what about reddISH vegetable broth… I was going a bit mad googling “pre-colonoscopy diet” “colonoscopy preparation” “colonoscopy prep” “colonoscopy diet,” “colonoscopy fast” and every combination in between. I decided to go with my instincts and it worked out great – I hope this recipe helps someone out there who is in the same situation. Believe me, you do NOT want to have re-do a colonoscopy because you didn’t do the fast right (and we know someone this happened to).

Our Pre-colonoscopy Diet Fast, Duration 4 Days

Days 1 & 2: Days 1 & 2 are the preliminary days to get rid of any solids in your digestive system, so cumulatively, articles say eat only very easily-digestible, light, NOT RED foods. Breakfast was 2 slices of of whole grain toast with nothing on it. He drank clear tea throughout the day, as well as water. For the solid food, we went with homemade chicken soup, which was so good, he asked for it again AFTER his procedure (you’d think he’d want pizza or something?). I didn’t write down precise measurements, I never do, so use your best judgement. Everything came from Dean’s and I highly suggest using all organic ingredients – after all, this will be the only sustenance and your stomach will be absorbing every bit of it, so why wouldn’t you use organic?

The Awesome Chicken Soup

  1. 1 1/2 lbs. Wise Organic & Kosher Chicken Breast
  2. 5-6 organic carrots, chopped
  3. 6 stalks organic celery, chopped
  4. 4 medium organic Russet potatoes, diced
  5. 1 box Pacific Organic Free Range Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  6. Filtered water, maybe 2 cups, use your judgement
  7. freshly-ground black pepper
  8. cayenne pepper, oregano & basil, dash to taste

How to make the soup? Pretty much chuck it all in a pot, bring it to a boil, stir, reduce heat and simmer for an hour and a half. By this time the chicken is falling-apart tender and your house smells like chicken soup heaven. He LOVED this soup. I don’t eat chicken but I’ll tell ya, I was tempted.

This recipe made enough for him to eat for Day 1 and 2, twice a day. Day 3 – no solid food after 12pm. It’s over Johnny, it’s over. He enjoyed his last 2 slices of toast, slurped up what was left of the soup and after that, it was tea and broth. We went with the Pacific Organic Vegetable Broth, which a bit reddish but it seemed to be OK as he was drinking a lot of water with it.

All in all, even though he was definitely wearing his Crankypants(tm) by Sunday night (especially after he had to start drinking the Suprep…), it was a very successful fast and thankfully, everything turned out to be hunky-dory! I hope this helps someone out there looking to prep for their own procedure – remember, we’ll all have to do it sooner or later, it’s important!


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