PROP 37: The GMO Game-Changer

Let me start out by saying, we don’t usually get political here on The Dish or on any other social media, you won’t see us endorsing political candidates in the upcoming elections, none of that. This issue, however…we’ve gotta talk about Prop 37.

Proposition 37 or the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is a measure on the ballot in California this November which, if passed, would require food companies to label foods containing GMO (genetically-modified organism) ingredients. You see, as of now, the FDA doesn’t require GMO identification. They require nutrition content, allergens and ingredients, but not GMOs – so basically, we’ve all been eating GE (genetically-engineered) foods since the early 1990s and never knew it. Still don’t.

What’s the big deal, so what if we eat GMOs? We’ve been eating them since the 90s and we’re all fine! Are we? We’ve written about it before, and contrary to what the big biotech corporations of the world would have you think, they have not been proven to be safe. They haven’t proven to be safe at all. In fact, tests done all around the world are preeeeetty much strongly leaning towards the UNSAFE side of the yard. I mean, it’s just like ohhh, OVER 50 COUNTRIES NOW HAVE BANNED THEM. (India just joined this list this past week, yay!).

You may be thinking “Eh, it’s in California, it doesn’t affect me,” – but it can.

California is huge, gigantic. They are the first large state to get this close to passing a labeling law. If they pass it, every food manufacturer who wants to sell in the state of California is going to have to comply by updating their labeling to identify if the product contains genetically modified ingredients. This would mean an across-the-board change as these companies aren’t going to have “California only” packaging. We would all finally know what the heck we’re eating and be able to make our own informed choice as to whether or not we want to eat it.

There is a backlash: Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, and others are putting their big $$$cha-ching$$$ towards fighting this law from happening. Why? They’re spinning it a few ways. “It would be the equivalent to a skull and crossbones on the package and people won’t buy it,” “There’s no proof GMOs are harmful,” to my favorite, the scare tactic of “This will make the cost of your groceries skyrocket.” (I’d link to the opposition’s website to be fair, but it’s just so offensive, it makes this author literally angry.) Many companies you’d be surprised at are donating funds to defeat the law, too.

Regardless of if you think they’re safe or not, we all have a right to at least know and make our own choices. Hey, you might think GMOs being dangerous is a bunch of malarkey and that’s fine – then you can make the choice to eat them. Just as lots of us will make the choice to buy organic and support Non-GMO Project-verified products.

You may not live in California, but it doesn’t matter. Helping to educate, plant the seeds and possible persuade some on-the-fence voters to choose “Yes” can make a difference. Spread the word, make people see and most of all, support the companies who support Prop 37 –


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