Post-Sandy & Basking Ridge Update

The Jersey Shore is our home. Each store is not 2 miles from the beach in Monmouth County, New Jersey, an area hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy.

We were without power for a week at the store, as most all of us also were at home for over a week, some longer. All of us have friends and family who have lost their homes, we have staff members, customers and local vendor-friends who were wiped out; it’s beyond. Seeing it is pretty indescribable and our hearts go out to everyone for their losses.

But, we are lucky – we are alive, life must go on and we will keep moving forward. Right? Right.

We’ve been getting tons and tons of calls asking about when our new store in Basking Ridge will open – we’re so thrilled at everyone’s excitement, we can’t wait! So, I thought an update would be apropo. Because of the storm, our Basking Ridge opening is delayed as Basking Ridge lost power for over a week as well. But we are motoring on and are looking to do a “soft opening” the first week of December (we’ll let you know the exact day), with a Grand Opening date TBD.

In case you haven’t seen the latest photos on Facebook (go look!), this store is going to be absolutely gorgeous. We are still accepting applications too, you can download one off our website and send it to the info@ email.

So hold tight Basking Ridge, we’ll be open and serving it up for you in no time – keep an eye on our Facebook for the most up-to-date news. See you there!

What lies behind these windows? Our Basking Ridge home!


2 responses to “Post-Sandy & Basking Ridge Update

  1. Go team, go!!
    Sandy is an opportunity for us all to be grateful for the important things – being alive and vibrant, friends, family, community, LOVE, GRATITUDE AND INNER PEACE – which is available to us all for free.
    Love and healing to all,
    Abby & Tommy

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