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Environmental Action

Want to get involved? Here is some news from Food and Water Watch NJ on some upcoming important events to ban fracking waste in our beautiful Garden State.

June 12th Day of Action

Keeping fracking waste out of our waterways and communities is critical to protecting our environment and public health.  Our state is vulnerable to this toxic and radioactive waste because Governor Christie vetoed a bill banning the treatment and disposal of fracking waste in our state in September.

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NEWS UPDATE: Fracking Waste Ban Bill

From Food and Water Watch:

For Immediate Release: May 29, 2013

Contact: Rachel Dawn Davis, 201.707.6558

Shrewsbury Residents Pressure Assemblywoman Casagrande on Fracking Waste Ban Bill at Local Action

Action Comes Amid Statewide Campaign to Overturn Governor’s Veto of Bill Protecting State from Toxic Fracking Waste This Legislative Session

Shrewsbury, New Jersey – Local residents joined with activists and community leaders gathered today to call on Assemblywoman Casagrande to support an override of Governor Christie’s veto of the Fracking Waste Ban Bill. This is a call-in-day to demonstrate widespread support of passing this bill. The legislation would protect residents by banning the disposal, treatment and discharge of toxic waste created through the process of fracking, a highly controversial natural gas drilling method. The legislation was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support last year but NJ Governor Christie vetoed the legislation in September, caving to pressure from the oil and gas industry.

At the event activists dressed as ostriches, urging Casagrande not to “bury her head in the sand” but instead take immediate action to protect state residents.  We are asking Assemblywoman Casagrande to continue to vote “yes” when legislation is put up for a vote and stay firm if in the event of a veto by Governor Christie in which case an override will be necessary.

This is not a political issue.  This is a public health issue and one that poses serious risks to our children.  We are due an override of the Governor’s veto by our public officials,” said Rachel Dawn Davis, NJ Organizer with Food & Water Watch.

New Jersey’s wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to handle the toxins found in fracking wastewater and cannot remove all the toxics before discharging the waste into public waterways. Fracking waste is exempted from critical federal protections regulating the disposal of hazardous waste and toxic materials.

“Dean’s Natural Food Markets takes pride in educating our communities about the issues that affect our lives and our planet. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge in an effort to make a difference. We will continue to support people’s right to know, so they may be able to make their own educated choices,” said Dean Nelson, owner.

Analysis from the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services confirms the constitutionality of the legislation, directly refuting the governor’s claims to the contrary.  A recent study from Stony Brook University finds that the greatest risk of contamination of drinking water and environmental pollution from the fracking process occurs during the wastewater disposal period.

“Without water we do not exist.  It is our duty as humans to do our best to protect it,” said Joy Brody, Small Business Owner

Name Our New Drink!


In honor of our RESTORE THE SHORE WEEKEND, we’re going to be offering a weekend special drink – and we’d love your help naming it!

We wanted something beachy, a drink that would make you think about a hot summer day sitting ocean or poolside. This drink will only be offered March 23rd and 24th and half the proceeds will go to Hometown Heroes. The ingredients are: organic mango, organic pineapple juice and organic strawberries. (Big THANK YOU to Lakewood Juices for their generous donation of organic pineapple juice!)

Believe me, it’s as delicious as it sounds, hummina-hummina-hummina. What do you think, can you help us name our Jersey Shore-themed drink? Leave your suggestions below and we’ll be picking the one we like best!

Restore the Shore Weekend


We are super-excited and proud to announce our partnership with Restore the Shore, Hometown Heroes and 94.3 The Point to bring you RESTORE THE SHORE WEEKEND, taking place Saturday and Sunday, March 23d & 24th in all 3 of our stores. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for local non-profit Hometown Heroes for their Sandy relief efforts – are you in?

We will be donating a percentage of our weekend sales from all 3 stores – 2 days, 3 stores – to Hometown Heroes and 100% of that will go to helping local people affected by Sandy. But we can’t do it and reach the goal without you. We invite you to stop in, shop up and stock up, knowing that your participation will go towards helping the families in our own communities, our backyards, local people we all know who have lost their homes and have had to relocate, have been struggling trying to buy a new furnace and hot water heater, drywall, schoolbooks, you name it – all due to that fateful day when Superstorm Sandy made landfall and changed lives forever.

We urge you to not only come in for the usual, but to take the opportunity to stock up on frozen and non-perishables, things you know will get used and know that your actions will directly help those around us.

We’ll have some fun, too! the crew from 94.3 The Point radio station will be in Shrewsbury on Saturday, 3/23 and in Ocean on Sunday, both from 11-1 giving out prizes, hosting games and giveaways. We’ll also be giving away limited edition Restore the Shore reusable bags and if you spend over $50, you’ll get a raffle ticket to win a family pack of beach badges to the Jersey Shore (which beaches to choose from will be determined closer to the season). There will be huge sales and lots of food sampling and demos on our days with the Point; plus, did we mention the Juice Bar official Restore the Shore drink for the weekend? Follow our Facebook for a chance to name it!

Together, we can make a difference in a lot of lives, so come out on March 23rd & 24th and let’s DO IT!

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Announcement: Flavour of the Month

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Dean’s Natural Food Market and the Red Bank Flavour Culinary Alliance. We’ll let the press release explain while we do a cartwheel or two.



 The Red Bank Flavour Culinary Alliance Partners with Dean’s Natural Food Market for “Flavour of the Month” Promotion

RED BANK, NJ (Oct. 17, 2012) –  The Red Bank Flavour Culinary Alliance today announced plans to partner with Dean’s Natural Food Market, the Jersey Shore’s premier organic food retailer, to raise awareness for organic foods and produce through a promotional partnership that aims to educate the public on seasonal, organic food items and ways to integrate them into flavorful recipes.  “Flavour of the Month” Partnership will kick off in November and feature the sweet potato; educational information about the root vegetable, sample recipes and Red Bank Flavour dining specials that incorporate the ingredient will be offered.

The Red Bank Flavour partnership with Dean’s Natural Food Market marks the first in a series of collaborations.  A spotlight Flavour of the Month will be chosen every month to educate Dean’s consumers and guests of the Red Bank Flavour restaurants about seasonal ingredients, their corresponding health benefits and how best to integrate the ingredients into recipes at home.   Each of Dean’s two retail locations, located in Ocean and Shrewsbury, New Jersey, will provide consumers with educational information about the Flavour of the Month; more than 30 participating restaurants, bars and eateries in the Red Bank Flavour campaign will use the spotlight Flavour in menu and specialty items.

“As culinary professionals, we strive to educate the public on ways to incorporate seasonal ingredients into everyday cooking,” commented Claudette Herring, co-owner of Via 45 in Red Bank.  “The partnership forged between Dean’s Natural Food Market and the Red Bank Flavour Culinary Alliance will enable us to expand our culinary education throughout the Monmouth County region and beyond,” added Lauren Phillips, co-owner of Via 45.

The sweet potato was chosen as November’s Flavour of the Month because of its culinary versatility, seasonal fall flavour and all-around health benefits.  The vegetable provides an excellent source of Vitamin A, anti-inflammatory nutrients and immune-boosting antioxidants and can help regulate blood sugars.  From sweet potato pie to whole steamed, the variety of culinary preparations of the fall root vegetable is far-reaching.

For more information about the Flavour of the Month, please visit  To learn more about Dean’s Natural Market, please visit

About Red Bank Flavour

Red Bank Flavour launched in the fall of 2011. Red Bank Flavour is a culinary-driven campaign that spotlight’s Red Bank’s bustling restaurant, bars, lounges and eateries.  It encourages everyone from bar and restaurant-goers, foodies, wine enthusiasts and farmer’s market fans to get a taste of Red Bank’s one-of-a-kind Flavour.  The campaign features nightly specials and promotions, special events and more.  For additional information, please visit

About Dean’s Natural Food Market

Established in 1995, Dean’s Natural Food Market is a premier independent organic retailer that offers an extensive selection of organic produce; groceries and bulk foods; a dedicated gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods section; organic juice and smoothie bar; and Fresh Foods department.   On-site staff nutritionists are available to answer questions about vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies and health and beauty products.  Dean’s Natural Food Market’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff provides the best customer service to promote a sound, well-balanced way of living. For additional information, please visit

Media Contact:  Shannon Furey


recipes: Raw Granola with Fresh Raw Nut Milk

We had quite a turnout again this week for Abby Cahn-Anton’s Intro to Raw Foods series where this time around, she created her RAW, vegan, gluten-free, low-glycemic version of granola with fresh nut milk. If you missed the class – stop doing that! If you really couldn’t make it, here are the recipes to hold you over.

Raw Granola and Fresh Nut Milks
Recipes courtesy of Abby Cahn Anton of

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Light your fire

Check out these local Costata Romanesco Zucchini we just got in yesterday, literally just picked, beautiful! Farmer Francis delivered them himself, along with some gorgeous kale, gigantic gold turnips and collards. Such a nice man! 

So  totally going home with a bunch of those tonight and firing up the ol’ Char-Broil. One thing I LOVE is grilled zucchini. It soaks up marinade like a sponge and is so healthy and guilt-free, you can eat a ton of it. Here’s a great recipe from last summer, it’s super-easy and everyone will love it. Try it with fresh organic corn, peppers and especially eggplant, which REALLY soaks up the marinade and caramelizes when grilled. OMG SO GOOD.

Meat and veggies aren’t the only thing you can grill, have you ever tried using fruit? Peaches and pineapples are a surefire hit. Both are best grilled for a few minutes then drizzled with honey, or simply brushed with butter, as Martha suggests. You can slices them and grill in large pieces or rings OR – try to make kabobs out of them. The kids will love it, they’re fun, sweet and healthy.

Grilled fruit isn’t just for dessert though, you can pair it up with your favorite meats like a juicy all-natural pork chop or chicken breast. Just cut into chunks, thread onto skewers and baste with your favorite marinade, like jerk sauce or teriyaki. Here’s a great recipe for Barbecued Chicken Pineapple Skewers – they use a homemade BBQ sauce but any good-quality bottled kind would do as well.

What are your favorite foods and methods in grilling? We’d love to hear from you!

PS: Zucchini is on sale this week, check out the rest here.

The Bamboozle Festival: Let’s rock.

Dean’s Natural Food Market welcomes the up to 100,000 music fans visiting our area over the next few days for Bamboozle – and we hope to meet some!

Customers and employees alike in our Ocean store are starting to feel the excitement (translated: “ARE FREAKING OUT”) for a HUGE event happening here on the Jersey Shore this weekend: The Bamboozle Festival. Dean’s Natural Food Market Ocean is only a 5-minute shot up Sunset Ave. from the festival, taking place on the beach and boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ.

Well, here is our shameless PSA to everyone out there attending the Bamboozle and looking for food – STOP BY! First of all, I know that whenever I stay at a hotel, #1 thing I do after checking in is to find the nearest decent market and stock up on bottled water & snacks for the hotel room, sometimes even a take-home meal or a salad. Hotel tap water can sometimes be kind of grody and paying $5 for a minibar/venue bottle is just not going to happen. And often when traveling, the healthier options just aren’t there and you’re stuck eating fast food or loading up on a greasy hotel breakfast buffet of bacon and undercooked scrambled eggs. We’ve got healthy breakfasts, a great 100% organic vegan salad bar, quick grab-n-go sandwiches, fresh organic juices and smoothies, wheatgrass, whatever you might need on your way to a very long day of music and partying on the beach. And speaking of beaches, got sunblock? We have that too.

The Bamboozle main stage, photo courtesy of The Asbury Park Sun.

Oh and Skrillex and anyone from We Came as Romans – A fresh juice is on me if ya stop by 🙂

You don’t need all A+s to be on the Dean’s List.

If you subscribe to our weekly customer newsletter you may have read about a local charity we recently partnered with, Kick Cancer Overboard. Kick Cancer Overboard is a non-profit whose mission is to provide free cruises to those affected by cancer and to their families, to give them a break to enjoy and celebrate life. Through this wonderful non-profit and thanks to our customers who participate in the Dean’s List, we were able to send brave cancer survivor and amazing person Cathy D., her sister and mom, who cared for her all through her illness, on a 5-night cruise to Bermuda. Cathy is just so overjoyed, grateful and happy; she can’t wait to spend some quality time with her family who were there for her through thick and thin and never gave up. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them, they really deserve it. She promises to send us a  postcard 🙂

The reason we are able to help people like Cathy, non-profits like Mary’s Place by the Sea and the Monmouth County SPCA (to name a few) is because of the generosity of those of you who have chosen to be on the Dean’s List. What is the Dean’s List?

We offer all new peeps our Customer Advantage Card, which gives you 10% off all vitamins not on sale, signs you up for our newsletter and special perks. When you spend $400, you are mailed a card good for $10 in any of our stores – unless you have opted into the Dean’s List. Dean’s Listers will receive a card for $9, the dollar taken out goes into our Dean’s List fund and is matched by Dean’s. It’s a way you can give to charities and know you will make a difference. Like, you know how when you donate to a telethon or something, not that that’s bad, but you never really know where the money is going? With the Dean’s List, you know it’s going straight to local charities right here in our community.

The best part about the Dean’s List is the more people we have signed up, the  more people we can help and the more lives we can touch. Are you signed up? If you have a Customer Advantage Card and want to join the Dean’s List, just let us know on your next visit or drop us an email at info @ and we can sign you up in a jiffy.

Thank you again to all you Dean’s Listers out there – and Cathy thanks you!

Cathy D is going to Kick Cancer Overboard!

Supporting Local Farms in the Garden State: Honey Brook Organic Farm CSA

Dean’s Natural Food Market is very proud to support the Honey Brook Organic Farm local CSA program as their new Monmouth County CSA Boxed Share pickup location.

Photo: David Hunsinger for The New York Times

Dean’s embraces the value and importance of supporting local, but more importantly the significance of supporting local organic farming in the Garden State and we are committed to supporting local farmers and their mission to bring healthy, organic produce to our tables.

What’s Honey Brook? What’s a CSA? What’s a Boxed Share? To help explain, we asked Susan of Honey Brook Organic Farm to give us a little background.

Tell us a little about Honey Brook Organic Farm.

Honey Brook is one of the oldest operating organic farms in New Jersey.  Continue reading