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Votes for Totes

We promised a contest, here we go! It’s simple…

We ran out of reusable tote bags a while ago. We need to order new ones. And we need YOU to decide which one will be the lucky design to be printed. Continue reading


“I don’t know what to get ____.”

Good Morning! I just exploded a kombucha all over myself, woo! Haha, what kombucha-drinker hasn’t, right? Anyhoo…

We’ve been getting some calls and questions about our Holiday Menu, so we thought we’d repost it. Please note: All orders must be placed 4 days prior to pickup. Give us a call, download this and fax it over or fill it out and bring it on in. Continue reading

a few pics

Monday, as you know was Non-GMO Day (which has grown into Non-GMO MONTH!) and we got a little on the festive side here at Dean’s. Here are a few pics from the day.

Team Shrewsbury rocking their new “We say NO to GMO” shirts. Ian looks like he’s about to dribble that pumpkin like a basketball!

Team Ocean with Dean at the helm.

The Non-GMO Rockettes? 🙂

Good stuff.