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Guilt-free Goodies

“Raw food is the preparation of whole uncooked foods. In this way of preparing foods, all the living enzymes and nutrients stay alive to aid the body in healing on a cellular level. Raw foods are never processed over 118 degrees; beyond this temperature the food loses its nutritional value.”

That sounds so scientific, doesn’t it? It’s quite the opposite though – uncooked, unprocessed whole foods as nature intended. Wait, even that sounded a bit too scientific. Let’s break that mood:

Raw Vegan Avocado Lime Pie

Raw Vegan Brownie

Introducing our new line of raw foods and guilt-free desserts. Not only are they guilt-free, they’re actually good for  you. Seriously!
Let’s take the Superfoods Cacao Mint Tart, for example. it’s a delicious crunchy-crusted little pie with a creamy, minty chocolatey filling – Chef Brian says “It tastes to me just like an Andes Candy!” It has the amazing taste down, and then we boosted the health benefits – we added in superfoods like maca, which is known to boost energy, balance hormones and support endocrine health; cacao, which has been shown to help the cardiovascular system (chocolate is good for your heart!); and spirulina, the high protein, nutrient-dense, immune boosting blue-green algae.

Raw Vegan "Meatballs" with our own Raw Marinara Sauce

It’s not just desserts, either – you’ve just gotta try the Raw Vegan “Spaghetti & Meatballs.” We made “pasta” out of zucchini without cooking it, paired it with “meatballs” made of a walnut base and topped it all in dollops of our raw marinara sauce (which has quite a nice kick!). You’ve got protein from the walnuts, which are among the highest in Omega-3s around and have also been shown to help lower cholesterol.  Then there’s the zucchini, high in vitamin C, manganese, B vitamins and antioxidants and tomatoes from the sauce, well, come on, they’re tomatoes. No explanation necessary.
Right now these are available only in our Ocean location but we’ll be rolling them out to Shrewsbury soon as well. Give ’em a try and let us know what you think (PS: You don’t need to register to comment!)
New Product Spotlight

Look for the New Product Spotlight logo for what's new at Dean's


“I don’t know what to get ____.”

Good Morning! I just exploded a kombucha all over myself, woo! Haha, what kombucha-drinker hasn’t, right? Anyhoo…

We’ve been getting some calls and questions about our Holiday Menu, so we thought we’d repost it. Please note: All orders must be placed 4 days prior to pickup. Give us a call, download this and fax it over or fill it out and bring it on in. Continue reading

Neat New Stuff

Here at Dean’s, we’re always bringing in new products – some you may have asked for, others you may have raved about “Oh, you have just GOT to try this new _____!” and some our buyers discover and wonder “You know, this is pretty special and I think our customers are really going to love this.” But how do you ever know what these new items are, where they are and what makes them special?

Introducing: The New Product SpotlightNew Product Spotlight

Look for this logo around the stores for the newest products we can’t wait to tell you about. Like Toy Cow Creamery.

Toy Cow Creamery is a small family farm run by Levi and Samual Stolfus, tucked away in the countryside of Williamsport, PA. Their line of super-creamy yogurts & yogurt smoothies are made with milk from a small, well cared-for herd of grass-fed, pasture-roaming Jersey cows, which are hormone- and antibiotic-free. The result is an incredibly rich and fresh taste you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Then there’s the Hope Springs Farms Organic Cheeses. Also local from PA, these organic cheeses are made with raw milk from grass-fed, pasture-roaming cows raised without growth hormones and antibiotic. The natural diet and lifestyle the dairy cows lead allows for nutrient-dense – and highly flavorful – cheeses, a perfect and different addition to a cheese platter or for snacking.

But wait, there is CHOCOLATE too! We have just brought in award-winning Coco Polo Chocolate, a company who are also local, right out of New Brunswick, NJ. Company founders Diane Yamate and John Cunnell started their company in are dedicated to making high cocoa chocolates without processed sugars. Sweetened with stevia, their dark cocoa bars are sugar-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and non-GMO − and are also low carb and diabetic-friendly. Did we also mention they’re delicious?

Be on the lookout for the New Product Spotlight logo around the stores for these and other great new products we’ve brought in as well as right here where we’ll be writing about what makes them so special.

See you in the aisles!

and the winners are…

We’d like to wish a big CONGRATULATIONS to customers Nan D. and Ani P. for each winning a $100 gift card in our Midsummer Weekend Sale Raffle! Thank you to everyone who came in, we’ll definitely be doing another sale like this soon.

We are always open and definitely welcome any feedback you have – what would you like to see more of, what would you love to see on sale, what are your favorite products or some you’d like to see us bring in? Let us know.

Ooohhh, speaking of new products, we’ve got something new and amazing coming in next week. About a month ago, I spoke with a very nice lady named Addie about the Better Together Baking Company.  She sent us some samples of their organic, Fair Trade brownies and let me tell you – in all my years I have never seen samples of ANY food fly out of here so fast. It was like the word got out on the street. A coworker tried one, raved about it and pretty soon half of our staff was back here asking for a taste. One person came back to thank me for giving him the “best brownie he’s ever had in his entire life.”

Well, decide for yourselves next Friday in our Ocean store – BT Baking will be here sampling out their scrumptious morsels from 11:30-3:30 🙂